Album Review: tile – Come On Home, Stranger

The new record from the Pennsylvania noise rock act tile, Come On Home, Stranger, transports listeners away from wherever they happen to be at the moment. The music’s intensity lets you get lost in it if you let yourself go. The band plays invitingly passionate music that sounds easily translatable to a live setting where attendees gather to let it all out, so to speak. You get the sense that’s what the band members are doing, letting it all out.

The musical output from tile is not blind. Instead, they filter their emotion and release through their vision of the world and of the music community. They blend high doses of energy into a familiar sludge framework held to at times by bands like Thou.

The band ambitiously fills in the gaps left by such a framework, hitting the listener with an inescapable wall of sound and at the same time keeping themselves unique, since carbon copies of sludge or noise greats aren’t going to stick out much. The band’s new album’s strength feels like it rests with the fact that they have taken their own path to get to their present musical position and aren’t aiming to copy anyone. No matter who their music can or can’t be compared to, it’s their own and stays free of conventions.

The record treads an intriguing line between control and chaos. On the one hand, the music is accessible and could be enjoyed by music listeners who enjoy sticking to more popular rock acts. However, once those listeners are roped in, their understandings of what music can be seem ready to be pushed outward as tile stomps all over standards of heavy music with their refreshing individuality.

Their music feels, in the end, like an experience. You don’t need an invitation to get into this album — or, to continue on with an earlier metaphor, this party or concert. Anyone is welcome; you just have to be ready to get off your feet and let loose no matter how loud or jangly the music is.

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