Album Review: Trash Boat – Crown Shyness

Like Neck Deep’s earlier work, Trash Boat have a grittier, hardcore-influenced style of punk rock that combines the best elements of Polar Bear Club, Rise Against, and even Thrice. Their sophomore full-length with Hopeless, Crown Shyness, is a ten-track experience of pure bliss, perfectly blending melody and rage into one hard-hitting and memorable disc.

Their ability to sound serene one moment and pissed the next may not be original to them, but their execution is spot-on. Track after track, Trash Boat impress and keep the listener intent, capturing a variety of emotion along the way that easily transfers to your nerves. That pushing energy, fueled by a deep collective look at the world, is suggestive and encompassing.

Take the closing track, for example: “Joy, peace, guilt, release. Love, hate, react, relate.” Crown Shyness is a breakout record, one that should (and hopefully will) propel Trash Boat to the league of heavy-hitters that influenced them to take over the stage.

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