Album Review: Vanish – From Sheep To Wolves

From Sheep To Wolves
(Outerloop Records)

The members of Vanish have created a truly solid modern rock album in their new release, From Sheep To Wolves. It is bold and forward looking, filling in some blanks of an already long played out genre with their own unique touch.

Although the release doesn’t necessarily break any new boundaries musically speaking, it does take solid elements from various areas of the modern rock music scene and tie them together effectively. Lyrically, it feels like there is a definite, vivid story being told, and that’s always a plus. Such storytelling on From Sheep To Wolves helps draw the listener in and keep them occupied.

The band’s vocalist Patrick Hamilton is incredibly talented, shifting from somewhat high pitched, very listenable clean vocals to equally listenable screams. He takes the listener down a horror tinged path of love and loss, pain and regret — the lyrical themes aren’t necessarily original, but they’re solid nonetheless. The horror themes tied into the lyrics make for something decidedly fresh.

For instance, on the third track, Hamilton sings, in what could be easily considered a nice summation of the entire album: “My fairy tale turned into a horror story.”

While evoking thoughts of other bands with their music, Vanish maintains their own originality. They cite bands including My Chemical Romance, Mariana’s Trench, and Sleeping With Sirens as influences, and this is evident in their music. The musical side of From Sheep To Wolves combines gothic pop style instrumentation with driving guitars, such as employed by MCR on their seminal release, The Black Parade.

In addition, Hamilton’s vocal style is similar to vocalists like Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn and Pierce The Veil’s Vic Fuentes.

From Sheep To Wolves, the first full length release from Vanish, flows nicely from beginning to end, with the first two songs building up into the almost Welcome To The Black Parade-esque ballad of a third track, ‘Heaven Sent//Hell Bound,’ before the album finishes off with the aggressive final track, ‘Paper House.’ ‘Paper House’ is an impressive, cinematic feeling metalcore track featuring guest vocals from Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills. Charnas’ own band, Ice Nine Kills, is known for producing such tracks.

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