Album Review: Violet Night – Colours Of You

Indie band, Violet Night shoot glitter and gold here. Their lyrical wordplay is cohesive and their eyes are set on the prize. From the shudder of rock to subtlety, they push boundaries on Colours Of You, an LP of supreme musical style. They honour alternative music while embracing the light without subsiding into a thick darkness, although the lyrics which set this band apart, can be perceived as being somewhat pessimistic. That’s not a bad thing, emotion drags us out of our little hell and gives us a sense of who we are. Deeply embedded emotion also aids musical creation, and Violet Night, embark with Colours Of You as their compass, as their creative output. And they’re truly on form here, dredging through ruin to get to a blissful platform. The band also want to break walls and run with their guts intact to the glitziness of success without being obnoxiously hooked.

Colours Of You ultimately shines when those battle-hard lyrics show through. This band are intelligent there’s no doubt. Their minds sting, their stories are tales of hurt and despair. And these two musicians who make up Violet Night, are unified. They magically hone their instrumental flair and lyrical content to hit colossal heights. Colours Of You begins beautifully with ‘’Depths’’. The riff is pleasing and the words aren’t confined but shot out. Tragedy is expressed through wordplay which is spellbinding and crafted concisely, there’s a story to behold. ‘’Young Guns’’ opens with a fast beat. Again, the lyrics are wonderfully placed and paced. ‘’Sparks’’ is an acoustic ballad, melodic and purposeful. Someone is weighted down by regret, the stars are burning out too. ‘’Secrets’’ brings forward a techno vibe. It’s a gratifying listen with some dark overtones.

Violet Night take a lyrical standpoint on Colours Of You. They blossom and flourish beyond the stars.

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