Album Review: Armada – Tales Of Treason


São Paulo, Brazil’s Armada set sail in 2017 and have already made an impact in the punk rock scene. Armada dropped a banger of an album, Tales of Treason, on May 1oTales of Treason is the band’s first full length album performed in the English language. Impressive as this is, their sound stands alone and takes us back to the time when punk rock wasn’t so accepted and the scene consisted of society’s outcasts.

The first track, “Bullet Through the Heart,” is a slamming punk rock vibe all the way that takes you back to the old days of slam dancing. Jump into the “Rebel Sound”; this is reminiscent of the Sex Pistols, and we are loving it. Slip into “Battle Drums” with acoustic guitar; this is feels like a pirate’s theme song, trade winds of the rebels. The accordion and banjo on “Last of My Kind” is an uplifter and reminiscent of Flogging Molly.

Watch this soulful track “Sao Paulo City Video” below.

Lyrically, the music speaks against the world of deception and tackling the injustices of society and the trials of life from a humanitarian viewpoint. The sound stems from the generational pull from the old punk rock scene when it was freeing and more unique. This is punk rock in its purest form.

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