Show Review: Knuckle Puck, Free Throw, and More at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, TX

Words and Photos by Zoe Dillman

First, five-piece band Hot Mulligan entertained the crowd with tracks from their new album, Pilot. Hot Mulligan’s music has equal amounts of emotion and technicality. This is evident in songs such as “Dary” and “Deluxe Capacitor,” which explore the pain and loneliness often felt after a breakup. But their set was far from gloomy, emotional maybe, but not dark or depressing. There was a pushpit in part of the crowd for most of their set, full of kids jumping and swaying to the music. Towards the end of their set, the occasional crowd surfer popped up, keeping security on their toes. Pilot is Hot Mulligan’s debut LP, released via No Sleep Records.

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Next up was Nashville’s Free Throw, playing their own melodic blend of Midwest emo. The crowd was propelled into motion as the five-piece played fan favorites like “Randy, I am the Liquor” and “Two Beers In.” There was more chaos in the audience during Free Throw’s set. Much more pushing and more crowd surfers, but the best part was when tour photographer Danny DeRusso ran across the stage and jumped into the pond adjacent to the stage. Truly a night to remember. Free Throw also recently released new music, the band put out an EP titled Missing Pieces through Triple Crown Records last month. The EP is four older songs reimagined plus a cover

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Boston Manor set the crowd’s finger guns blazing with a set filled with bouncy pop-punk. The British export sounds similar to bands like Moose Blood, The Story So Far, and Broadside. The crowd really picked up during the band’s set with a widening circle pit and even more crowd surfers to keep security busy. Because the band is from the U.K., they don’t often do full North American tours, so it was a special treat to see them live. The band satisfied fans by closing out with “Laika.”

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Girls screamed as Knuckle Puck took the stage by walking out to House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” The band didn’t waste time getting into their seventeen song setlist. The band played plenty of songs off of Copacetic like “Disdain” and “Untitled.” But also mixed in new songs off of their EP Shifted such as “Twist” and “Conduit.” The crowd sang along to nearly every song the band played, old or new. Shifted was released April 6th via Rise Records.

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