Single Review: The Unravelling – “Master Drone”

The Unravelling
Master Drone [Single]

This duo from Calgary, Alberta has been on a roll since their stoppage due to the cancer treatments and surgery to vocalist Steve Moore. This is their second release and it keeps up the quality, as well as the price of all of their music…free!

With chugging guitars, atmospheric synths and quiet vocals, the song starts off and then the vocals get harder and more manic, almost shouting at the listener, this goes back and forth during the song and gives it a sense of menace and power. There is a hint of Filter’s song “Hey Man, Nice Shot” to this, but it really is subtle and gives it a nice bit of familiarity to the freshness of this song. The pounding drums are mixed well, with everything balanced and not overpowering anything. The mix of metal and industrial work perfectly together and this would sound terrific in a club, maybe with a remix to lengthen it just a tad.

As time goes by, and more of their songs are released, you wonder just when a whole album will come out and just how crushing it will be. I hope that the duo sticks with it and keeps this level of musicianship going forever. (Rick Ecker)

Download the single here.

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