Single Review: The Unravelling – “Revolt”

The Unravelling
“Revolt “[Single]

Comprised of Gus De Beauville and Steve Moore, this duo from Calgary, Alberta have got things back on track from when vocalist Steve Moore was tragically diagnosed with cancer and had to put everything on hold. Don’t worry though; things are good, both with Moore’s health and with the new track from his band.

The song has the industrial sound throughout; add on the powerful drumming, the crunchy guitar playing and the intense build up that just keeps going until you think you can’t take it anymore, them it explodes. The vocals are a complete treat, perfectly mixing with the music and adding even more thrills to a song that is head and shoulders above the typical and boring crap out there.

All I can say is what a return, not just to health and music, but to a scene in need of a kick in the pants, one that is given with full force on this track. I can’t wait to hear a full album from them and play it as loud as I played this one song. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase “Revolt” here.

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