Album Review: Six Feet Under – Killing For Revenge


Six Feet Under have released their crushing 14th studio album, Killing For Revenge, via Metal Blade Records. This is a masterful metal annihilator of an album. Chris Barnes completely shatters the soul with his guttural growls.

This is the second album for which Barnes and guitarist Jack Owen (also ex-Cannibal Corpse) have merged their special forces creating a collective that blasts the brain cells out of your head. Owen also produced Killing for Revenge. “We worked well together in Cannibal Corpse,” recalls Barnes. “I loved him to death as a friend and a musician, so I’m really comfortable giving him the reins because I just have such great respect for him as an artist.”

Barnes now remains the last of the originals in Six Feet Under.  The current lineup of Barnes, guitarists Owen and Ray Suhy, bassist Jeff Hughell, and drummer Marco Pitruzzella make for a devastating unit and nothing short of brilliance collectively.

Barnes expressed, “I chose the title Killing For Revenge after we completed writing and noticed that all the lyrics and storylines had a common theme of revenge. Revenge by human or revenge by nature. The album title describes the flow of the stories within the lyrics perfectly.”

From the start, Know-Nothing Ingrate” mocks the internet trenders. The common theme throughout the album demonstrates the world today is such a dark place, the destruction of all that is pure whether it be in nature and music. It had become a world of shallow beings. The tracks emulate the revenge that is well deserved.

“Know-Nothing Ingrate” visual of brutality below.

Jump to “Ascension”; this is a pulverizing trip to hell, leaving the carnage in their path. “Neanderthal” feels like a darker grungy metal track special guest appearance by legend guitarist Jason Suecof. “Spoils of War”,winds you up, and there is a flow in the instrumentals, deep rifts and haunting vocals cutting through. Six Feet Under surprise us with their cover of Nazareth’s “Hair Of The Dog.” Their rendition of the original is the perfect icing on the cake.

The entire album takes us to places of deep metal sounds and primitive vocals. This is a trip you need to take if you love true metal.

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