Trilogy Review: Flight Mode – The Three Times


Norway are notorious for their eccentric music and underground artistry. Oslo, Norway’s Flight Mode are releasing a superb collection of songs shared with obvious exceptional process and rhythmic qualities. When a group of artists come together and create such a rich canvas, it should be shared with the world!

This trilogy of EPs is named The Three Times. The story is complete with the new EP, Tøyen,’13, released by Tiny Engines. As a wonderful surprise, Tiny Engine’s sister label, sound as language, also released the first two Flight Mode EPs.

The Three Times combines life stories of loss and poetic symbolism with slow steady beats to intensity gratification for every listener. If you like Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab For Cutie, indie rock, indie pop, and alternative, this is straight up your alley.

Tøyen,’13 has a sweet little collective of songs to wrap your head around. Released by sound as language, the album is out today.

Complete for all to enjoy and wrapping things up with bow, this cool melodic trilogy is about to go live. The singer, Sjur Lyseid, did not expect or foresee what was to come with their vision for this. For years, Lyseid had thrown himself into writing; however this became something nostalgic on a whole other deeper level, as the band worked arduously on the sound and lyrical elements.

The 12 songs finalized work together as a fusion of bewildering, but bold, dramatic, and dark (at times) bird’s eye view into the life of Flight Mode.

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