We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Rich People’s new music video for their song “Back Step” (watch it below). Rich People vocalist/guitarist Rob Rich commented on the video:

“The video quite literally sheds light on the threads that tie a group of friends to one another thru each individual’s personal (emotional) outlets. The lyrics are from the perspective of a very self-involved musician who is often so wrapped up in their own writing and playing that they forget to maintain relationships. The attitude of being better-than and isolating from others starts with the first words. ‘I always start to finish just before you start to come up’ refers to the narrator’s struggle with seeing others as lazy and incompetent at times and by the conclusion of the second verse his cool indifference has amassed and been distilled into the statement ‘Love is cool, Love is fine, Love is wondering if I have the time’. The truth is that the writer is just lazy and incompetent in matters of interpersonal relationships and humility.

We got a couple of our friends together and asked them to do what they like to do while we symbolically pulled a thread from an article of their clothing. There’s a shot of our friend Wes sketching and another of our friend Heidi doing hand embroidery and then there’s shots of our friend Jess indulging in the simple pleasure of a cigarette and Vance a coffee.

It’s hard for like minds like mine to set aside some together time when our passions call for so much solitude. The farther we pull apart, the more the threads seem to pull and leave us exposed and threadbare. There’s a balance between our commitment to the things that make us interesting and attractive to others, and our need to spend ourselves on each other. I haven’t found that balance but I will continue to write about my efforts and make pretty visuals with my friends to further express what I am feeling.”


New Jersey/Philly based alternative/emo band Rich People connect on the intricacies of voluntary isolation and drug addiction through introspective lyrics and emotively catchy vocal patterns. Bold drums set the foundation for big waves of reverberating bass, and give a full body to a fog of open chords. The dense mass is delicately iced with glass-like lead melodies that push the overall feel back out of obscurity. All of this simplified, minimized and delivered live like a cold sweat washing over the body.

Rob Rich wrote the following poem to go along with the video:

The shedding of our shells that takes place ever slowly
Thru the letting our selves be alone without lonely
In the time spent toward soul we become better friends
And the shells we call clothes become piles of thread

Tour Dates:
November 10 – Toledo, OH at Ottawa Tavern
November 11 – Brantford, ON, CAN at Blackout Fest
November 12 – Ottawa, ON, CAN at Ask A Punk
November 13 – Montreal, QC, CAN at Piranha Bar
November 14 – Albany, NY at Fraggle Rock

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Top photo by Jess Flynn

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