Rich People have released a music video for their song “Dream Envy” (watch below). The track is taken from the band’s debut album Jacob’s Ladder, available now through iTunes.

The video was directed by Jesse Cornaglia & Ryan Berger.

“Dream Envy” Lyrics:

It’s five AM as I approach the bridge
In envy of old friends who still sleep in
They were jaded then and they’re jaded now
Climbing social trees as I fell out
Rich kids in bad parts of town
A social scene in which they now have drown

It’s no way to live
Sitting on the fence asking what if

I dwell on times we had before the 21
I grew up and you’re all still always drunk
If I never got shot out I wonder where I’d be
Still cashing out to drink my self esteem
I get caught up but I know it’s no way to live
Another sheltered Jersey kid moves across the bridge

I try to wake I try to wake
Obsession overtakes my state
I’m standing up but stuck in place
Standing still in dreams that I should chase

I’m sorry I Try to bring you down when I see myself as less
I know you’re not so bad and I’m not quite the best
I realize now that we will never be the same
I was wired all wrong and just want someone to blame
It’ll only be just one until I need one more
Back to habits I can’t handle or afford
And honestly I just envy the freedoms that I lost
When I crossed the unseen lines I can’t uncross

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