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Ok, so Halloween is technically over, but for most Halloween junkies, the celebration gets stretched out for as long as possible. So, in that tradition, let’s keep it going and talk great horror actors. Shall we? This is a very short list for me. There’s many great actors that have been in great horror movies, so before you bombard with a million actors that have been in great horror movies, remember, very few have made the horror genre a mainstay for their entire career. And very few have done it without being known as one certain “character” for their whole career, as well.

Let’s get this started with my personal all-time favorites, and arguably the all-time greatest: VINCENT PRICE. Price stared in over a 100 movies in a long career that was dominated by and defined in the horror genre and earned him the well deserved moniker “The Merchant of Menace” Just his voice alone is synonymous with horror and fright. There’s way to many of his movies that I love, but here’s JUST A FEW that would recommend.

1. The Conqueror Worm (Witch finder General) – (1968)


Here you’ll find Price at his absolute worse/best as he portrays witchfinder Matthew Hopkins. Price is so convincing in this role as a “witch” torturing evil motherfucker. There’s no camp or humor in this role, just pure vile and sadistic evilness. A real nasty prick (no pun intended). Having his roots as a classically trained actor, this role plays right into Vinnie’s wheelhouse. Being one of the few Price movies where he doesn’t die in a fiery blaze, Vincent finds his demise in a much more brutal fashion. Highly recommended.

2. The Masque of Red Death – (1964)


Surprise surprise, Vincent plays another evil jerk in this really cool Roger Corman directed film. Although Corman is known for making many of his pictures on shoestring budgets, I think this picture is really filmed beautifully. Cool visuals, trippy effects, elaborate costumes and broad bright colors, really make the movie visual exciting. Price plays a rich prince who gives death the middle finger and decides to throw a raging party when the plague is running rampant outside his castle walls. What a dick,.. but he gets his.

3. The Raven – (1963)

The Raven

This film holds a fond place in my heart. I remember watching this movie when I was little. Here, Vincent stars as reluctant sorcerer who has to battle the great Boris Karloff for magical dominance. Although, there are images and scenes that spooked me out as a little kid, this movie is a comedy, and I still find it funny to this day- mostly due to the fantastic “Abbott and Costello” style combo of Price and the amazing Peter Lorre (who almost steals the show). It’s great example of Price’s ability to pull off comedy in a horror setting which, is something that his contemporaries, (Lee, Cushing) never quite embraced as Price did, and he does it very well. This movie also co-stars a young as fuck Jack Nicholson in one of his early roles. Also check out (Comedy of Terrors for another great Price/Lorre comedy combo). Not one of Price’s best, but a fun movie and definitely box-office success for him.

As I said, before. This is a sliver of my Price favorites. There are waaaayy to many for me to list. The Fly, House of Wax, The House of Usher, Dr. Phibes, House of Haunted Hill, the list goes on and on for me. Hell, I got all pumped up when he was on Batman and The Brady Bunch. As far as a horror movie actor, NOBODY tops VINCENT PRICE in my book.

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