Eclectic rock ‘n’ roller Dan Sartain has recently passed away. While the exact date and cause of death are not known, his loved ones are raising money via a GoFundMe to fund his funeral.

“Dan Sartain left us many memories and music, but has unfortunately left us way too early,” the statement on the GoFundme page reads. “As wonderful as his legacy is, he had no plans for the unmentionable, and thus, here we are.

“We aren’t trying to do much but have a small service for family and friends, and with Dan’s wide range of friends, this should be achievable. From all of his family, we thank you.”

He was known for his creative output and commitment to rock ‘n’ roll, and he left behind a lot of great music.

“Whenever I record an album, I use whatever tools I have at my disposal,” he said in an interview with New Noise. “I don’t limit myself when it comes to fully realizing songs on recordings. I’ll use synthesizers, horns, strings, a full mariachi band. Whatever it takes to get the songs as I hear them in my mind is what we will do. Sometimes I reach that goal; sometimes I don’t, but it’s never because I put limits on anything.”

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