Words & Photos by Marika Zorzi

The Roadburn Fest stands out from other festivals for one main reason: musical experimentation. Sometimes we witness collaborations between great groups that create something unique together, as happens during those four days in the small Dutch city of Tilburg.

This year, Jacob Bannon, someone we know as the front man for Converge and Wear Your Wounds, acted as its musical director. The 2018 festival boasted big names from underground music around the world, performing before an equally diverse audience. Roadburn is a music festival of high intellectual caliber, one where it is important to find the sounds and the bands that will make 2018 musically fascinating.

Significant space is also dedicated to the visual arts, which this year were placed in the hands of Richey Beckett, one of the most important artists of recent years.

The atmosphere one inhabits at the Roadburn Festival is impossible to put into words. Impeccable organization creates an environment where participants live, breathe and discuss music.

This is a unique opportunity to see two sets of groups like Godspeed you!, Black Emperor and Bell Witch for two days in a row, where you can see a concert by Boris and Stephen O’ Malley on the same stage as Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas or Earthless with Kikagaku Moyo. Roadburn is an incomparable experience. Underground music is undeniably the star here and, from what we’ve seen this year, it is alive and flourishing as never before.


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