We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Roamer’s music video for their song “What The Hell” (watch it below). The song is the title track from their forthcoming album, which is scheduled to be released on April 27, 2018 through Czar of Crickets Productions. You can pre-order the album here: Vinyl | CD

About the band:

At the beginning there is a single, ardent mating call. The beat is as dirty as a rubber fetish suit. With bulky, asymmetrical interventions the locked-in guitar struggles for air. In addition, a falsetto voice is praising the pleasures of skin, loins and other flesh. Finally, the guitar fights its way to the deserved liberation with a bold, dissonant solo. The song “Open My Pants” was composed for a performance at the Coq d’ or restaurant in Olten as part of a series of events that dealt with an artistic confrontation with the aesthetics of pornography. Tackling a difficult challenge like this is typical of Roamer.

Roamer is a quartet, named after the watch factory in Solothurn, where they rehearsed in the early years. The songs are written by Samuel Blatter, who also sings them and plays keyboards. The guitarist Simon Rupp stood by him from the very beginning. Later the drummer Martin Stebler from Olten joined the band. Bass player Christian Weber – a world-renowned musician who is involved in a dozen jazz, improv and electronic projects only wanted to help out for a moment. He liked it so much that he stayed.

Roamer has been around for ten years. As long as their debut album has been awaited. The band’s history is a long succession of difficult personal and fascinating artistic challenges. The fact that all of them have been worked through shows the creative power that unites these musicians. Blatter started the band in 2008 with the vision of combining his passion for Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Björk with a penchant for jazz and improvisation. He had just overcome a serious illness. A year later, he also developed cancer, a late consequence of the previous treatment. Now he has been living healthy and without medication for seven years.

In March 2011 a first EP was released by Roamer. A few concerts followed. But there were other distractions and the band went into the background again. As part of his composition studies in Lucerne, Blatter made new arrangements of his songs for band, violins, cello, wind instruments and a four-women choir. The exciting results were published in 2015 as a bibliophile book/CD edition Roamer Extended. In addition, Blatter composed music for contemporary dance productions and also worked with big band jazz, string quartets and women’s choirs.

However, Blatter could never forget Roamer. Now the band has resurrected. After ten years the debut album is finally released, accompanied by a tour. It goes unnoticed that the music was recorded two or three years ago. By this time the band had long since discarded their early patterns. With sovereign ease, it combines complex yet muscular rock and jazz rhythms with bold harmonies, without ever appearing intellectualistic. In texts such as “Sick Enough”, “Bye Bye Baby” and “Number” Blatter addresses the state of being sick. Elsewhere (“What the Hell”) he deals with a wave of depressive episodes among friends or with his very Swiss, unrealizable dream of being a “Rebel”. The time for the release of such an unusual album is as perfect today as it would have been the day before yesterday or the day after tomorrow. Because music that does not follow any trends remains timeless.

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