Rozwell Kid Talk To Zero Platoon About Music Upbringing & Anxiety

Rozwell Kid singer/guitarist Jordan Hudkins discusses how he started playing music and opens up about the anxiety that inspired songs like “Creeped Out” and “My Head” with Zero Platoon. Hudkins also talks musical influences and why “Droner” is dedicated to his uncle. Check out the interview below.

Zero Platoon is a charity that works with artists to reach out to members of the military who deal with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health issues. Since 2013, Zero Platoon has shot acoustic videos and interviews with artists like Frank Turner, Matt Pryor (Get Up Kids), Dustin Censure (Thrice), Switchfoot, You Blew It!, Handguns, Have Mercy, Koji, and many more. The organization also raises awareness of mental health issues and the increasing suicide rate in the military through its website and distributing information on national tours with bands. Last year, Zero Platoon spent six weeks on the road with Rocky Votolato, taking him to perform at hospitals that treated active-duty military members who struggled with mental illness and substance abuse.

Check out Rozwell Kid’s Good Graphics EP below. The EP is also available on vinyl through SideOneDummy Records, which you can grab here.

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