We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Save Face’s acoustic performance of their song “Preoccupied) (watch below). The video is part of the Mayflower Sessions, and was filmed & edited by Dieter Unrath.

Save Face’s Folly EP will be released on July 8th through Take This To Heart Records – it’ll be available on 12″ vinyl, CD, and digitally.

Vocalist/guitarist Tyler Povanda comments on the song:

“We sort of worked backwards to write ‘Preoccupied,’ the first three songs on the record were actually written in the reverse order. Once ‘Ditched’ and ‘Brain’ were done, I wanted to write something to more appropriately and thematically start the EP, and it just sort of clicked once we realized that the ideas for ‘Preoccupied’ fit perfectly as the song preceding ‘Ditched.’ Working backwards like that was a super interesting and unexpected approach, and I think it had a big impact on how the songs ended up.”

Pre-order Folly here.

Folly Track Listing:
1. Preoccupied
2. Ditched
3. Brain
4. Overdue
5. Backseat
6. Folly

The band have announced an upcoming United States tour with A Will Away (Triple Crown Records) and Everyone Leaves. See the full tour dates below.

Save Face - Folly Tour 2016


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