Featuring publicist Stephanie Marlow By Sean Gonzalez

Scene Not Heard shifts the focus from the individuals who create the best albums to take an inside look at the behind-the-scenes jobs that keep the industry running. Go beyond the music and meet the people who keep your favorite bands in the public eye…

Publicist Stephanie Marlow holds one of the best jobs in the music industry. A music fanatic herself, she works alongside some of the most influential and extreme artists to ever be put in the spotlight. Marlow handles publicity for Deathwish Inc., Bridge Nine Records, and The Flenser and works independently with bands from Profound Lore, Sargent House, and many more! Originally starting in the DIY culture and underground music community of Chicago, she eventually landed a job at a record label. While there, she was involved in marketing, tour promotion, advertising, and publicity.

“With some encouragement and support from a close friend who also worked in music, I realized there was a void in the independent publicity realm—especially for the music I was into—and decided to try working for myself and started a PR ‘company,’ which obviously was just me at that time. I was relatively fearless, dove in headfirst and worked my ass off. I’m still here 10 years later working my ass off, so I must be doing something right.”

So, what is her exact job title, who does she work for, and what does she do within the music industry?

“Sure! So, I’m a publicist. My job, in a nutshell, is to create opportunities in the media—magazines (like this one!), websites, newspapers, TV, etc.—for my clients. I work with artists and record labels (and other creative types) to set up every facet of a PR campaign for a new release, event, or tour. I will connect and pitch media writers on everything from premieres to reviews to features, interviews, live coverage, and more for the artists I work with.”

photo by Allyson Marlow

Not only does Marlow handle fantastic PR campaigns, she also takes care of the people she works with, whether it be the artist or the writer. Responsive, enthusiastic, and friendly are just a few of the words that describe how Marlow handles her work. She thrives on the bonds that she creates with her clients, labeling them as friends and not just professional associates—and she’s our friend right back!

What advice would Marlow give to people looking to get into PR?

“Work hard. Be nice. Don’t take anything personally. Love what you do.”

What has been her favorite project to work on?

“I honestly don’t think I could ever pick a ‘favorite,’ but some highlights would have to be—early in my career, working with Between The Buried And Me [and] Taking Back Sunday. Ceremony’s Rohnert Park was a good one for me. Defeater. Touché Amoré. Doing publicity for Deafheaven’s Sunbather was incredible and probably one of my most memorable PR campaigns ever. Pallbearer is another great band that I am fortunate to work with. Have A Nice Life’s The Unnatural World is an album that still blows me away. Modern Life Is War. Cold Cave. King Woman. Self Defense Family. Sannhet. Boris. Planning For Burial. Emma Ruth Rundle. Sumac. Full Of Hell. Iron Reagan. Oathbreaker. Wear Your Wounds. Russian Circles—who are one of my favorite bands ever. Drab Majesty. Mutoid Man is so goddamn fun too. I’m also really excited about new albums from Wolves In The Throne Room, Street Sects, All Pigs Must Die, Young And In The Way, Jaye Jayle—I could go on and on and on. I really love all the artists that I am fortunate enough to work with. They are all my favorite.”

Stephanie Marlow is a “music nerd” like the rest of us. There’s a care and detail in her excitement about her friends’ creative endeavors that sparks inspiration in others. She believes in the bands she pitches, and we believe people should be hearing them. Scene Not Heard and New Noise are infinitely grateful for the fantastic work that Marlow and other publicists do for their clients!

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