Existing in a place not normally associated with the darker currents of culture, the pristine valley backdrop of Salt Lake City is home to the moody and vibrant new romantic sounds of Sculpture Club‘s post-punk-garage-goth. Chaz Costello (guitar and vocals), Madison Donnelly (drums), and Chris Copelin (bass) have been playing together since 2013.

Sculpture Club’s A Place to Stand features the catchiest candy songs wrapped around a dark and tormented center, generating unprovoked optimism side by side with devastating disenchantment. A Place To Stand is the first full length release by the band featuring 11 songs of gloomy pop perfection. Their influences range from early Cure and The Chameleons to Blank Dogs, Grave Babies, and Les Savy Fav. Originally released on cassette to underground cult acclaim, Cercle Social Records based in Portland, Oregon will be releasing the newly remastered version for vinyl.

Pre-order A Place To Stand here.


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  1. I hear the bass player in this group is amazing. Love hearing her play.

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