Secret Spirit, a New Hampshire punk rock band, have released a music video for their third official single, “Motherfucker.” The video enthusiastically embodies the defiant, underground rock spirit that Secret Spirit carry with them and comes off as a genuine party and good time.

“This was an incredibly fun night,” the band say. “We’re super lucky to have some good friends to do things like let us use their coffee shop or film and edit the whole thing. We told everyone what time, brought a bunch of beer, and played a normal set plus the video song five more times. It ended up being around 10 p.m. on a Sunday when we started filming, but everyone who came had a genuinely fun time. Our close friend Mark Gilday Jr. directed and filmed the video along with Jimmy Glaspy and Robert Taylor. Mark was incredible and just knew the type of shots he wanted, making it really easy for us. We just drank and played the song!”

The easygoing process behind “Motherfucker” plays out in waves as everyone in the video is visibly letting loose—jumping, shouting, and chugging good ol’ Pabst beer—and it couldn’t look any easier for the New Hampshire punk rockers. “‘Motherfucker’ is the first music video for us!” they say. “We’ve got a million ideas for more videos that I’m sure we’ll work on when we finish the record. It’s so much fun and what we’ve been talking about since taking video production classes in high school.” Clearly, Secret Spirit have a long developed chemistry and have found fun and meaning behind their music, which is displayed in full with the music video for “Motherfucker.”

The song, “Motherfucker,” is cautiously abrasive and unleashes an energy that is undeniably fun, while the deep lyrics fly under the radar thanks to lead singer Jordan Hill’s ruthless and energetic vocals. Hill explains, “The lyrics for this song are actually pretty old. I wrote them two years ago about someone who was basically acting like my friend but constantly preying on all of my close friends and even some of my family members. ‘Motherfucker’ is sort of about how all these people in my life are too smart to fall for that type of bullshit.” Behind the thrashing instrumental and vocals on “Motherfucker,” there’s a deeper message of unity.

On Sept. 30, Secret Spirit will be playing a benefit show for the Dérive scholarship fund in the same Union Coffee shop where “Motherfucker” was filmed, in their hometown of Milford, New Hampshire! Watch the exciting new video for “Motherfucker” and connect with Secret Spirit below.

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