The best word to describe New Jersey’s Sentient Horror might very well be relentless. From the break neck percussion to their ravenous guitar riffs to the menacing vocals, the band’s brutal brand of old school death metal comes at you hard and fast. On “Entry Crypts Below” the muscular opening track off of their latest EP, they confront the listener and strut away, dragging a pair of bloody knuckled fists behind them.

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The five tracks on The Crypts Below are filled with a portentous aura.  Often, the band leaves you feeling as though you’ve lifted an unbroken seal, revealing fetid remains rotting away in a long forgotten tomb. This EP continues to build on much of what worked on Ungodly Forms the band’s crusty 2016 debut full-length album. The first couple of tracks are relatively straightforward, calling on the traditional genre standards of speed and force. Later on though, the band toys with and successfully deforms that traditional sound using a heavy dose of distortion on “Hatchet Crimes” and a glacial batch of slower, more ponderous guitar grooves on “Hell Marked” where the desperate singing corrodes into an agonizing death yawp. Deeply influenced by their forefathers, Sentient Horror shows off some dynamic range, particularly on the EP’s closer, “Darkday” (a cover of a track originally by Swedish death metal innovators, Edge of Sanity) which cuts a few epic doom riffs into the intro and outro. Matt Moliti’s vocals deliver the band’s putrid lyrics with an unmistakable spitefulness. It’s not clean, but the message lingers there, unmistakable. Stay away. Far away.

The band are about to embark on a European Tour this October with Carnal Tomb (see dates below).

Sentient Horror tour 2018

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