A collaboration sent from punk heaven, all-female punk rock band Shiragirl have teamed up with Bodacious Thang for a live cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing in the Name.” It’s a track that necessitates being played loud, taking guts to perform, and this collaboration completely exceeds those expectations.

An empowering rendition that’s entirely female-driven, this track is even more relevant today in the current political climate. Released almost three decades ago, “Killing in the Name” is important and a track that embodies strength.

“It’s crazy how almost thirty years to the date of the song’s release, the message is more relevant and poignant than ever. We would’ve hoped by now our country would have made more progress against systemic racism, but if the past year of current events and protests has taught us anything, it’s that things need to change. 2021 is our time to take back America!”

Shira Yevin

A heroic performance showcasing female power, Shiragirl and Bodacious Thang’s rendition is electrifying and more importantly, powerful.

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