Russian Groove metal/Oriental artist Shokran have released the video for their new song “Creatures From The Mud.” The song is the first single of Shokran’s new album Exodus, which was released in September. The video tells the story about the judgement of Osiris over sinful souls in ancient Egypt. Band members infuriated the gods and have been brought before the court. In the end we will see whose heart will appear to be heavier, and who will survive.

“We remained silent for more than 2 years because we were all about making our new creation, our second full-length album Exodus. This release is the result of our struggle, artistic progression and ambition. Our new music video will be a worthy example of a next chapter in our history.”-Dmitry Demyanenko Guitarist/Founder.

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Shokran was band founded by Dmitry Demyanenko, who is also the songwriter of all the band’s tracks and mastermind. Shokran was founded by Demyanenko in the city of Yeysk during the summer of 2013. It was initially a one-man-band, however after the release of the debut “Sixth Sense” EP, Dmitry decided to turn the project into a band, whereupon the project was officially joined by Mihail Isaev, who helped Dmitry record the EP. Bass guitar was later taken up by Rodion Shevchenko, guitarist’s position was filled by Alexander Burlakov and vox added by Sergey Raev. Thus, a recent one-man-project turned into a fully formed band. In February of 2014 the band released its debut album “Supreme Truth”, in support of which Shokran toured all over Russia.

Soon after, the band suffered a line-up change, as Shokran was left by Alexander Burlakov and Rodion Shevchenko, the latter of which was later replaced by Valery Yushkevich. In summer of 2014, the band entered the studio to work on their second full album – “Exodus”. On March 1st, Shokran presented their first music video for the track “Collapses” and on March 25th they unveiled a new single – “Creatures From the Mud”. Then Sergey Raev was droped from the band and replaced with Andrey Ivaschenko from Ukraine. In the end of 2015 the band received an offer from Sumerian Records, but, after extensive negotiations, ultimately decided to remain unsigned.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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