New York hardcore band Show Me The Body released their Challenge Coin 7′ late last year and here’s the visual for the A-side. Passionate proponents/activists for their city: ” K-9 is a call to arms. We are natives of this city, and while we are confronted with evictions, arrest, and corporate culture, we are filled with hope. New York has always been ready to die. K-9 is our contribution to the ongoing fight over the way our city will live.” Typically given within the military and police force, a challenge coin represents a membership when challenged in a trying situation and to enhance morale. Show Me The Body are giving their version of a challenge coin to those in their community who are under-appreciated, undervalued and unfairly taken advantage of by a system who is forever changing New York for the worse.

You can check the video below with the band literally getting attacked by K-9s and stay tuned for the B-side visual of the Challenge Coin for “Talk” coming soon.


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