Words + Photos By: Paxton Conners

3TEETH Raises Hell In NYC

Thursday night proved to be one for the books. The Golden State, Industrial Metal band 3Teeth rolled through town on their “METATOUR” with some friends (Author & Punisher and GOST) and put on one hell of a show. 

Now for those who aren’t familiar with the band, these cats have been producing killer riffs and visuals since 2013 since members Alexis Mincolla (Singer) and Xavier Swafford (Keys & Synths) first started with the project. Soon after they added Andrew Means (Bass & Modular Synth) and Chase Brawner (Guitar) to make it official. Since the formation of the band, they added drummer Justin Hanson to their lineup and have released three studio albums: 3teeth, <shutdown.exe> and Metawar. The hard work they put into their albums has gotten them recognized on iTunes electronic music, Top Album, and Metal charts as well as Billboard’s Top Album, Heatseekers and Emerging Artist charts. If you’re the kinda person whose flavor of music prefers the Industrial/Metal kind and who enjoys the sounds of Marilyn Manson, NIN and Ministry then you are definitely going to want to give them a listen. 

Now let me lead you back to the evening night lights. I will say even though 3TEETH is the main attraction of the tour you’re going to want to show up early for the supporting artists. Kicking off the night was the Texas duo, Gost. They came out heavy and were full of energy with lots of running around the stage and lots of headbanging. In a packed Bowery Ballroom, they did their job in getting the party started, the crowd absolutely loved them. Next up was The “One Man Industrial Doom Metal Band”, known as Author & Punisher put on a performance that was absolutely flawless and just left me in awe watching him operate his machines that make his style so unique. The industrial engineer/artist has perfected the idea of the one-man band. A&P has, in my opinion, solved the problem with creative types who don’t work well with others and kept it interesting enough to be able to bring it on the road. Good job mate! 


Author and Punisher

The moment of the night that drew this massive crowd to downtown NYC had finally come. The house lights drop, the red LED stage lights come up, and smoke starts filling up the stage. All you can hear at this is the crowd at this point, screaming and whistling and about every three to four seconds a couple of girls yelling “I love you!” This lasted for about a total of fifteen seconds before the band made it out on the stage. Boom, a big red flash, and the industrial badasses were on stage and ready to thrash. They came out heavy opening with “Divine Weapon” and going right into “AFFLUENZA”. Frontman Alexis Mincolla was pitch-perfect and absolutely destroyed every note he sang. Just like their videos, 3Teeth are just like you would imagine them to be: live, loud, heavy and all balls. Their set was pure adrenaline and you just didn’t want them to stop playing. They left your mouth dry and wanting more. I highly recommend experiencing this tour for yourself, you will not be disappointed. 



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