Words and Photos by Greg Jacobs

February 28, 2018 – Alex’s Bar, Long Beach, CA – A Vulture Wake, Eken Is Dead, Gone to Ground and Craig Petorella (playing By All Means):

At the risk of repeating myself and for the benefit of the millions of people who didn’t see my last review of A Vulture Wake, here’s the deal: A Vulture Wake refers to a group of feeding vultures. Like a business of ferrets, a murder of crows or an implausibility of gnus (those are all real, look ‘em up).

The second thing I’ll repeat is that the guys in the band have a great resume of other bands they either ARE or WERE in, like: All, Drag The River, Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Zero Authority …

And the third and final repetition from the first review is that THESE GUYS CAN PLAY! This is one of the most talent-rich bands I’ve seen in a long time.

So, what do they sound like? They are heavy, catchy and melodic.  Chad’s voice almost lends a soothing influence to the frenetic energy happening on stage. Their debut record, The Appropriate Level of Outrage was released on 1/31/2018 on Bird Attack Records. Do yourself a favor and go get it (or download it or whatever).

In the support slot tonight was Eken is Dead. Did I already say this …? I’ve never heard of any of these bands except for the headliner … Anyway. Eken is Dead were intense. Loud, crunchy guitar, punk rock verging on metal. Chris, the singer, is a madman on stage. He’s in constant motion and puts on a great show.

Next up were Gone to Ground. Another good, solid catchy punk band. In talking to the singer after their set, he said they were playing with a new guitar player. I think he said it was his first night … I couldn’t tell at all. Dude was solid and fit right in.

Opening the festivities this evening was Craig Petorella. He’s from the band By All Means and from the flyer I think he was doing By All Means songs … He was rad. He was playing catchy punk rock songs acoustically. I’m a little bored of the punk rocker gone acoustic cowboy thing … But this was NOT that.

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