Words + Photos By: Amber James

To see an Avatar set is to see a band that has one of the most theatrical and entertaining sets metal music has to offer. Hailing from Sweden, the men of Avatar are here to put on a party….zombie carnival style? Their stage outfits reminiscent of old circus and gaudy carnival style with plush, velvet tailcoats and knee-high black leather boots, vocalist Johannes Eckerstrom directed the show and the crowd like he was the circus master of a three-ring circus and everyone else were the elephants, tigers and tight rope walkers. But he’s no normal circus master, Eckerstrom’s face was painted in his trademark scary clown style and he marched on stage with his stave and a black top hat adorned atop his head.

The lighting and production added to the experience, strobes flickering and their band name emblazoned in its own light-up marquee, behind the drummer at the back of the stage. Long hair and dreadlocks were flipping and whipping around as headbanging abounded throughout the set. I had previously gotten the chance to see and shoot Avatar at Sonic Temple in Ohio this past May, but getting to see them in their element with the full production of their lighting just amplified the live experience.

Currently out on tour with Babymetal until the beginning of October, this is definitely a set and live show you wouldn’t want to miss! Besides, it’s spooky season and how could you say no to a scary clown with a backing band?


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