Words + Photos by Amber James

It had been a couple years since I had seen Beartooth play, outside of the Warped Tour bubble that is, and it was definitely worth the wait. This is a band that you can tell always gives 100% in their live show as well as the emotions that are put forth within the space of the forty five to sixty minutes they are occupying the stage.

Their setlist consisted primarily of songs from their previous full length, Aggressive, and, at the time yet to be released, their newest offering, Disease. But, don’t worry, old school Beartooth fans, tracks like ‘Beaten in Lips’, ‘The Lines’, and ‘Body Bag’ were slipped in there as well. ‘Body Bag’ had a fun little Rochester feature as Kyle Bihrle, vocalist of Sirens and Sailors, took the stage to do some guest vocals before launching himself into the crowd.

Before the band closed out with the title track of their newest album, vocalist Caleb Shomo explained in an emotional speech, his struggles with depression and similar mental health issues and how that manifested into the content he wrote for Disease. For anybody who has ever struggled with mental health issues, Shomo’s words are easily identifiable and relatable.

Leaving the stage, they soon came back out to finish out the night with a two song encore with songs off of Disgusting, including one of my favorites from them, ‘In Between’.


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