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*No Photos of Black Veil Brides & Crown The Empire Due to Media Restrictions*

Whether you are an old fan who has grown into new styles and genres of music or a current fan, The Resurrection Tour featuring Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria will have you excited and eager to see two bands who were, at one time, the definition and prime examples of Warped Tour metal-core make their return to the stages on the same tour. Neither band, except for Asking Alexandria’s stint on Warped two or three years ago with Dennis Stoff as their vocalist, have toured the United States or even in general in several years leaving fans wondering on if they will ever return to the stage or if they just went their separate ways to pursue new endeavors silently.

Starting the night off was the only opener for the entire tour, Crown the Empire. I remember when Crown the Empire first started blowing up during my sophomore year of high school, I think it was, and, to me, felt as though their hype died down. Seeing a venue full of people who were attending to see the headliners with intense excitement display that same energy right back at Crown the Empire when they took the stage. Now I do remember their set being one of the most crowded during the last Warped Tour year they were, it is often difficult to gage a band’s momentum and true draw during a summer concert festival where the prime demographic attends for Crown the Empire’s style of metal-core, but seeing the crowd’s excitement for CTE’s set clearly proved me wrong.

Crown The Empire:

Following Crown the Empire was Asking Alexandria, who I was most excited to see since I had only ever seen them on the 2015 Warped Tour with Dennis, so it didn’t feel like AA at all, along with having never seen them in their “prime” when I was in high school. Asking Alexandria performed exactly, if not better, than I had anticipated especially Danny Worsnop, who has been out of the metal vocalist game for a few years now. Performing for over an hour, Asking Alexandria played a mix of songs from their first two LPs and their newest record providing the truest Asking Alexandria experience to show goers without skipping over or ignoring any part of their discography, except for The Black. Overall, I was very impressed with Asking Alexandria’s performance and I finally feel like I completed something I wanted to do throughout my early high school career.

Asking Alexandria

The headliner of the night, Black Veil Brides, took the stage to a joyous and booming roar from the crowd which could better describe the long-waited excitement from fans to finally see their favorite band again than I ever could in words. Black Veil Brides performed an equally long set which consisted of songs throughout their entire discography leaving no one feelings left out while an equally great lighting and stage set up only added to the atmosphere of a Black Veil Brides concert. My expectation where on par with how Black Veil Brides performed making me feel as though they never on a hiatus to begin with. Overall, whether you wish to relive a simpler time from your youth or wish to check out your still favorite artist, I highly recommend catching The Resurrection Tour when it hits a city near you.

Black Veil Brides:


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