Words & Photos by Sarah Eckstine

Although a Sunday night, downtown Baltimore venue ‘Rams Head Live’ did not fail to draw a near sold out crowd for CHVRCHES. The three piece hailing from Glasgow, Scotland who recently played Bonnaroo Festival, made a stop in Maryland before continuing a run with Death Cab for Cutie along the east coast.

CHVRCHES took the stage with “Never Ending Circles,” the title track from their most recent album “Every Eye Open” which was released in September of last year. The song made for a very lively opening, as lead singer Lauren Mayberry wasted no time bouncing and dancing around the stage. Mayberry is very petite with an innocent demeanor; but don’t let that fool you, her captivating voice accompanied by their synth-pop sound reached to every corner of the venue. Mayberry made the stage her own, while still being humble and sharing the spotlight with her two band mates, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty, who even though are placed on their own synth podiums, were still just as much a part of the show.

Another factor that goes into a good show is the production; and CHVRCHES did not fall short of anything less than incredible. The set up included three larger than life light panels and an endless amount of strobes. However, the lighting was much more than a way to illuminate the performers. Each song was met with its own unique light show that set the mood for that specific performance. Atmosphere is a huge aspect of deeming a show successful or enjoyable, and the combination of production, music, performance and crowd emotion made this a show that would be satisfying to see over and over again.

CHVRCHES continued their 17-song set list with a mix of from “Every Eye Open” as well as their previous album “The Bones of What You Believe,” which provided a happy medium for both new and old fans, and even created some new fans, myself included.

If you’re looking for that perfect indie-pop show to go to, dance, have a good time, and then brag to your friends about later, look no further, CHVRCHES is the group for you.

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