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In 2007, Circa Survive followed up the success of their debut album Juturna, which charted at #183 on the Billboard 200, with On Letting Go. Released on May 29, 2007, the album clearly destroyed the so-called “sophomore slump” by charting at #24 on the Billboard 200, selling 24,000 records in the first week alone.

Fast forward to 2017, Circa Survive celebrates 10 years of On Letting Go with an extensive full US tour taking with them mewithoutyou and Turnover. The tour started January 12 and took a 2 week break at the end of the month. The band went back on the road to sweep the second half of the tour on February 12.

The tour stopped by Los Angeles, CA to play one of the biggest venues in the city, the Shrine Auditorium. The fact that this tour sold out a 6000 cap venue still blows my mind and I couldn’t be more happy to see a lot of people celebrate such a marvelous record in such a marvelous way at such a marvelous place.

First off was Virginia Beach’s Turnover. Compared to the two other bands, Turnover is the young one of the tour, but over the past few years this band has made a name for themselves and has tripled their fan base since releasing one of 2015’s best albums of the year, Peripheral Vision. Another band who proved that the sophomore slump is just a myth. The room was definitely not empty for this opener.

Up next was mewithoutyou, a band who is no stranger to everyone and is no stranger to playing huge shows. This band puts out so much energy that even their mellow songs hits hard. This band has been around since 2000 and has put out a long list of EPs and full lengths but still gives one hell of a show as compared to a lot of bigger bands in the scene today. Pretty crazy for a band that started out as aside project. Plus they have one of the coolest tour buses I’ve seen.

At this time, the ocean of people are getting restless and the cheer of “Circa! Circa!” was getting louder and louder. Curtain drops revealing two of the hot air balloons featured in the cover art and the crowd lost their shit. The band walks in and Anthony Green mesmerized the crowd with a few words and with perfect timing, throws his hands to the crowd as the albums opening track “Living Together” begins. That was pretty fucking cool to be honest.

What ensued after that was a night of amazing lights and lasers, confetti, and just a sold out Shrine auditorium singing along to all of On Letting Go.

The band plans to re-release On Letting Go along with some bonus tracks and demos in May 2017, so be on the look out for that because this record is a classic.

Check some photos from last night below.

Circa Survive



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