Earlier in the year, Citizen announced their fourth studio album, Life in Your Glass World, and a once the record dropped, it was just all in for the band. They announced a full U.S. tour after a couple of months, and it was nothing short of an incredible line up.

And they brought with them Drug Church, Glitterer and Floating Room. Quite honestly, this is the epitome of STACKED!

Floating Room from Portland have become my new favorite band. A friend told me about them coming into the show, and I was instantly a fan. Glitterer is no stranger to the music world, bringing with him a full band this time around was definitely something new to see. Also, I’m so stoked for the L.A. crowd for not having Title Fight hecklers.

Drug Church, oh man, personally I didn’t get into this band until Cheer came out, and since then, I’ve been such a fan. The DC set was not short of energy. Stage dives galore! If you haven’t got a chance to listen to this band, then you better hop on that train. Also, make sure to see them live.

I’ve seen Citizen for god knows how many times now, but seeing this time around was such a treat, since we were deprived of them for a couple of years. And like the awesome band they are, they not only played the new record, but they made sure they hit the L.A. crowd with a lot of their hits from their older records! This has gotta be one of the best Citizen performances I’ve seen.

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