Words & Photos by Cam Evans

The one thing I can say about that night was like swimming in a sea of people for this sold-out show at Holy Diver that Saturday night in Sacramento, California for Polyphia, on tour for their new album New Levels New Devils, alongside Hail The Sun and Covet opening for them on tour. Covet went on first filled with people, and the stage filled with 3 of the band’s equipment. Their sound left me speechless and in a trance while I photographed them for the trio’s beautiful, technical, jazzy sound that reminded me in running in the open fields in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Out of the two acts that night, they were the best act that night and it was a real treat experiencing them live. The next act, Hail The Sun, brought in more post-hardcore punch to their set and they were pretty good in terms of musical technique. The main act of the night, Polyphia, started their set with a voice-over describing them as “the biggest metal band in the world” with a trap beat played over it before going into their set. The crowd was hyped and excited with the band bantering to the crowd to not disappoint them. While they weren’t my favorite act of the night, their musical abilities and the hype crowd made it worth a fun Saturday night.


Hail The Sun



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