Words and Photos by Victoria Jones

Kississippi was the perfect opener. They aren’t very well known, and that is such a shame because they are so talented and I can’t wait to watch them blow up. I could hear people talking in the crowd as I was watching their set, talking about how beautiful her voice was and how unique her tone was and that is the perfect embodiment of Kississippi. With a vocal rock star as the frontwoman, playing guitar, and a female back up vocalist on the keyboard, it can only be good. They mostly played songs off an album that was not out yet but due to release very soon [editor’s note: the album, Susnet Blush, has been released and can be heard here]. I downloaded the pre-releases as soon as I left the show and I cannot wait to see what this band does next.

Beach Slang was direct support for Dashboard Confessional, and they did an incredible job of hyping people up for their set. Beach Slang’s vocalist had a personality that was so infectious. He interacted with the crowd between sets, talked back and forth with these girls in the front row who were very into the music, and danced all over the stage for the entirety of their set. Someone in the crowd bought him a drink and had it brought up to him, and he chugged it while doing a backbend, all the while still playing guitar. Entertaining is the best word I can use to describe their set. The crowd responded so well to them, and the interaction was incredible. The whole band was very dynamic, but the frontman was insanely good, and you just could not look away.

Dashboard Confessional started their set in the best way possible. Chris walked out on stage accompanied only by his acoustic guitar and then asked an already cheering crowd, “Is it okay if we start out with an acoustic one?” to which the crowd responded with overwhelming positivity, and then he started playing “So Impossible.” For a solid minute, he did not sing at all; he just kept playing guitar as the entire venue was filled with the crowd screaming the lyrics in unison. He played a perfect mix of older and newer stuff, but it didn’t matter, because the crowd’s enthusiasm never faltered. They played the perfect encore too, the song that is most associated with Dashboard Confessional, “Hands Down.” There’s nothing quite like everyone feeling the same way and loving the same music all under one roof.

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