Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

Being from southern California, it’s always a big deal when a band I’ve followed for a long time play a venue as big as the Wiltern. And that’s exactly what California’s very own Deafheaven did. A little over a month on the road with Drab Majesty and Uniform. The tour finds its final stop in Los Angeles at the historic theater.

Opening the show was a band that I’ve been hearing about for quite some time now. New York City’s Uniform started off the show bringing to the early birds some heavy in-your-face blend of rock, hardcore and noise. I highly enjoyed the set; even without a bass player I definitely felt the intensity. Also check out their new LP, The Long Walk, that came out the day before.

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Shortly after the switch, the mood was flipped a little by Los Angeles’ very own Drab Majesty.  The darkwave, or should I say “tragic wave” duo seduced the crowd with their mix of synth driven melodies and mesmerizing vocals. I honestly was very stoked to see them. Even Davey Havok was stoked on that set.

So after a month plus of touring, which included putting out a record two days into the tour, Deafheaven takes the stage one last time on this tour. Not wasting anytime, the band drops their single “Honeycomb” off their critically acclaimed fourth studio album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love.

I’ve seen the band quite a few times now, so I already know what I was getting myself into, but the new songs definitely gave me some crazy feels. With that perfect mix of black metal and post rock and lets add that mind blowing drumming. Also, watching front man George Clarke hypnotize the crowd with his energy on stage is a true experience.

Oh, and one more thing: love it or hate it, seeing “Dream House” played live is something else man!

The band is set to head to Europe in a few weeks and back to America with a full US tour with DIIV.


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