Words and Photos by Victoria Jones

There is nothing quite like the presence of Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. The crowd was packed with people rockin’ their Misfits t-shirts and screaming for their set to start. Starting the set with Abominator was a perfect choice. It had a great intro and gave Doyle a chance to make a killer entrance. Their vocalist is full of energy and definitely is not afraid to move around, which is a nice mix with Doyle’s infamous scowl and intense stares while he plays bass at the edge of the stage. They, of course, played a couple of Misfits classics as well: Skulls, Last Caress, and ended their set with Die, Die My Darling. All in all, it was fun, high energy, crazy, and sprinkled with just the right amount of nostalgia for all those Misfits fans.


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