Words & Photos by James Alvarez

Dreamcar, the rad new supergroup featuring the fellas from No Doubt and AFI crooner Davey Havok, blessed Southern California with three back to back [to back] shows this past weekend. The first in Orange County, and last two in the heart of Hollywood, where the band filmed a video for their new single, “All of the Dead Girls.” The final Hollywood gig at the Fonda Theatre, was a festive affair. The crowd, danced and sang refused to let Davey Havok back onstage after he journeyed out into the floor at one point.

As much fun as the audience had, it’s clear that nobody inside the Fonda was having more fun than the members of Dreamcar themselves. You’ll never find a more jovial band onstage. Tony Kanal and Tom Dumont didn’t stop smiling once the entire night. Davey Havok sings and simultaneously conducts the audience like an orchestra. Then there’s Adrian Young, beating the hell out of his drums like it’s like the last time he’ll ever play; every single time. Kanal and Young are probably the sickest rhythm you’ll ever hear live, like you can feel them playing in your chest. The band’s rousing cover of The Cars’ “Just What I Needed” what especially bumpin’. Their David Bowie and INXS covers ruled too. Of course it’s the band’s crazy infectious original tunes that brings everyone out in force. “After I Confessed” opened the night with a bang, “Born To Lie” got everyone singing “I’d love to like yoooooou” and “The Preferred,” as always, was a bonafide show stopper with that raging saxophone solo everyone loves.

What else can be said about another successful Dreamcar show? A night full of great songs, crazy energy and best of all, FUN.

Upcoming Shows:

Sep 22 – Life is Beautiful Festival – Las Vegas, NV
Sep 24 – City of Trees 2017 – Sacramento, CA
Oct 05 – Santa Barbara Bowl – Santa Barbara, CA


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