Words and Photos by Cam Evans

Among the run-down neighborhood of downtown Oakland, California, near Martin Luther King Jr. Way, the psychedelic rock trio Earthless played at the oh-so-swanky Starline Social Club on a Friday night, with Oakland-based band Feral Ohms opening, to what was a very spacey night. Upstairs of the club itself was a nice spacey area with the downstairs being dedicated to partake in food and drinks. As I was waiting to grab my ticket from the box office, I made small talk with the clerk running the box office that night talking about the night ahead and my time while I spent the day in Oakland. The doors opened and after waiting awhile the first band up, Feral Ohms starts up with pure and dirty rock and roll going non-stop with catching their breath every once in a while. They were a perfect fit for Earthless that played afterward after more waiting. Earthless walks on stage with lead guitarist Isaiah Mitchell presents the band briefly before going into what seemed like a 10 minute song with amazing build-up of space rock and roll goodness, backed by Mad Alchemy for lights that enhanced the experience of the band that night, then lowering that back down to kick into pure stoner rock jamming. At the end of the night, I was left wanting more punch in the live performance; although what I experienced was so damn good.


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