Words & photos by Cherry Bharati


Indie rock mainstays Eisley lit up the Foundry on Monday night with their trademark dreamy, moody indie rock. The band is known for fanciful lyrics and a sweet, wistful sound that carry listeners away from the mundane everyday, and this night at the Foundry was no exception.

The tour, with Massachusetts-based Backwards Dancer and Nashville band Civilian, is celebrating Eisley’s latest release, fifth studio album I’m Only Dreaming. Front-woman Sherri Dupree-Bemis joked that the everyone in the quintet is a bit sick at this point in the tour: in her words, “snot is everywhere!”

Eisley took the stage around half past nine to cheers and applause, and they started with a bang, playing a couple booming songs with heavy bass from their new album that had audience members heartily nodding along, before slowing it down with a lingering, charming performance of “Millstone” from their previous album Currents.

This mix continued for the rest of the night, as Eisley interspersed intimate, soft moments with thunderous, throbbing tracks that had the crowd bouncing along. Judging by the wisps of various conversations I caught as I exited the venue, everyone felt the night had been pretty magical and moving as they left totally gratified. I know I’m still finding myself humming their songs. Definitely not a show to miss if you get the chance!

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