Words By Sean Gonzalez

I thought Emo Nite was for being emo. Well, it is, but it’s also an epic get all of your heartache out singalong dance party too. I had heard many things about the traveling party throwers for Emo Nite and it was time to see what the fuss was all about. Summit Music Hall was the perfect spot for this, allowing for its very open floor plan to have rows, columns and groups of people everywhere, singing the songs that they grew up with that have a bit of emotional catharsis. A playlist is put together by the creators and friends and that’s that. Fans and fellow emo friends were allowed on stage, singing the songs loud and proud and even letting their inner rock star moves take over their bodies.

About the fourth song through it really clicked to understand what this show was all about. It was bringing a space for people to have fun without and sing in unison all for one passion; music. Songs across many genres have helped people throughout various situations, especially when one thinks about the early 2000’s success of bands like Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy & My Chemical Romance (who fans were at full voice for). These rather upbeat, sometimes punk driven songs brought an energy and emotional vein to plenty of people (I will say the predominant age group was 20’s-30’s) who grew up with these bands throughout their successful careers. Having a venue where music takes place just for people to collectively wear out their voices in the name of love? Sign me up.

There were also a few surprises that Emo Nite savored that really made me cherish it more. I don’t want to ruin them in case they happen in an upcoming area one goes to, but between guest musicians offering their own spin to the playlists to a rather peculiar group of individuals playing out songs with instruments, this was one energetic and adrenaline filled night. Every night should feel like Emo Nite, especially when it involves one’s favorite nostalgic bands. What an amazing way to spend a Saturday Night. Don’t sleep on this. Thank you Babs Szabo, T.J. Petracca and Morgan Freed for creating this adventurous way to enjoy music.

Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn

Upcoming Dates

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06/14 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade (Hell)
06/15 – Orlando, FL @ The Social
06/15 – Austin, TX @ Vulcan Gas Company
06/22 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
06/26 – San Diego, CA @ The Casbah
06/26 – Portland, OR @ Holocene
06/29 – Sacramento, CA @ Holy Diver
07/07 – Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom
07/24 – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
07/28 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
08/10 – Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live
08/15 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
08/25 – Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s


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