Words by Sean Gonzalez | Photos by Jacki Vitetta

An astonishing night of hardcore music was opened at downtown’s Summit Music Hall by Colorado Springs locals Dead Set. They fit the mood and atmosphere of the show beautifully with stomp heavy breakdowns and a give all or none attitude. It was a fitting way to ease the nerves and let the tension loosen up for the actual tour package. From there, Old Wounds took over with their ferocious and pissed off attitude. For an opener, the pit was lively with people making their way to the stage via crowd surfing. It was a much needed kick to the face to get the adrenaline rushing, ending with “Rest In Piss” and charged with Kevin Iavaroni’s piercing vocals. Tech heavy Fit For A King used their incredible grooves as a way to get the crowd off of their feet, singing in unison and preparing for the band’s newest release, Death Grip.

Dead Set - credit Jacki Vitetta
Dead Set
Old Wounds - credit Jacki Vitetta
Old Wounds

Every Time I Die stormed the stage much like a captain of a ship would in the middle of a storm, with confidence to beat the fucking storm. Riding behind the acclaim of their best record yet, Low Teens, Every Time I Die continue to prove that their live presence as a band can continuously be noted as the best around. The band can cause the crowd to become a frantic ball of moving bodies with a song like “Petal” and continue to move the crowd to a song without any screaming (“It Remembers”) and still be poised like goddamned rock stars throughout the entire process. Rhythmically the band is never not on point, churning through their hectic paced live set without stopping to take a breath. Vocalist Keith Buckley might as well be a machine because regardless of the pace needed to sing/scream at, every note hits and he makes it look easy. I’ll say it, it’s seductive. This band will go down as the greats of this generation across the hardcore scene, not only for their tremendous output of music but because after over half a decade of seeing the Buffalo quintet live, there’s never been a time where I thought “huh, this might be it.” Bodies were everywhere, voices were roaring along — it is just absolutely fun to witness and even more fun to be apart of.

Every Time I Die - credit Jacki Vitetta
Every Time I Die

But for the final act, Beartooth took the wreckage left by Every Time I Die and whipped up another hurricane. Summit Hall was the most packed I had seen it for a hardcore show and Caleb Shomo was able to get the whole floor moving with Beartooth’s aggressive assault. The newer songs hit just as hard as the heavy hitters that the band toured on for nearly three years. Shomo and company poured out their hour long set with all the components to make a hardcore show the vivacious and necessary release needed to make it memorable. Their stage presence continues to be an interesting aspect to the show, continuously focusing on the crowd’s energy and looking for ways to move as much as possible, whether that be constantly shouting to rile them up or extending a pause in a breakdown to make it hit harder.

Beartooth - credit Jacki Vitetta

This tour package left Summit Music Hall wanting more. Go see this tour.

Remaining Tour Dates:
10/27- Baltimore, MD @ Sound Stage
10/28- Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
10/29- Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
10/30- Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony
10/31- New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
11/2- Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
11/3- Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater
11/4- Albany, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
11/5- Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls
11/6- Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit Room
11/8- Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
11/9- St. Louis, MO @ Ready Room
11/11- Columbus, OH @ Express Live!


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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