Words by Kenneth Neil | Photos by Carolina Rivera

Friday in Bushwick, Brooklyn was an unexpected throwback to late 90’s early 2000s style.
Akari, an instrumental band, based out of NYC opened up the night with songs with smooth, airy guitar rhythms and steady driving bass guitars.  Their set had a dreamy, nostalgic feel mixed with an energetic style.  They had couples swaying along together during the slower songs.
Mosey Jones, a self-described “90’s emo indie punk band from Brooklyn, NY”, picked up the pace with a sound that reminded me of an early angsty Blink 182.  The band consisted of Eamon on guitar coupled with energetic vocals; Caitlin on drums and supporting vocals; and Peter on the bass guitar. They cracked jokes between songs and played a cover of “I Am So Sad, So Very, Very Sad” from the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack.
When Father Mountain came on the crowd immediately moved to the front in anticipation.  Playing songs from their new album release just last month Apartment Living, the crowd was feeling it.  Even though the lyrics and tone lacked the humor of the previous set, they brought a more aggressive punk energy, filling the small venue space and drowning out everything else. They closed their set with the last song from their album, “Miracle of ’91.”

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