Words & Photos by Breta Branyon

Rolling into the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida on the “Rage and Rapture Tour,” Garbage co-headlined the show with legendary band Blondie while the 2 piece Los Angeles based band Deap Vally opened the show. Shirley Manson’s voice sounded as strong as ever while performing with a backdrop of stark and minimal stage production. This minimal setup allowed Manson, guitarist Steve Marker, and bassist Duke Erikson to freely stalk all areas of the stage while Butch Vig set a strong beat for the band.

Garbage hit the stage with a set list that ran the gamut including tracks off their latest album, Strange Little Birds, hits, and even a few rarities. They opened up with the strong cut “No Horses” from their 2017 Strange Little Birds release, which is one of my favorite Garbage tunes.

Manson led the band through their catalog while in a futuristic bright red dress with eye-catching space age touches.  The show was packed with standing enthusiastic fans who sang along with all of the band’s songs. Manson had a commanding presence throughout the show engaging the audience and mentioning the Girls Rock Camp organization. She also dedicated “Cherry Lips” to their LBGTQ fans stating “without you we would have no career” to cheers from the audience.

Garbage closed out their set with back-to-back hits — “Only Happy When It Rains,” “Push It,” and “Vow.” “Only Happy When It Rains” to the delight of the appreciative crowd. Their show is proof that Garbage continues to be relevant with fresh strong new songs and an engaging live performances.

Garbage Set List:
“No Horses”
“Sex Is Not the Enemy”
“#1 Crush”
“I Think I’m Paranoid”
“Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)”
“Why Do You Love Me”
“Even Though Our Love Is Doomed”
“The World Is Not Enough”
“Stupid Girl”
“Only Happy When It Rains”
“Push It”


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