Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

Shortly after putting out their latest record Kicker, the pride of Kansas City, The Get Up Kids set off for a full US tour taking with them The Casket Lottery and Racquet Club.

If you know me personally, you know how much I FUCKING LOVE THE GET UP KIDS. So any chance to see/photograph them is a must. I decided to hit up the Santa Ana stop of the tour at one of Orange County’s top venues, The Observatory.

I got to the venue early, and found out that Shelter and Give were playing the same night. (So I was kinda bummed I was missing that) but nah! TGUK over anything! There was a good amount of people who came early for the show, so as the doors opened, the crowd slowly filled up The Observatory floor.

Opening the show was another Kansas City band, The Casket Lottery. I’ve always been a fan of Coalesce, so the first time I heard about this new band I wanted to hear what’s up – been a fan ever since then. This night was the first time I’ve seen them as a 3 piece so it was something new to me, but they still brought the same (or even more) amount of amazing as the last time I saw them play.

As a 32 year old dude, 2 band bills make me so happy. So after a quick change up, The Get Up Kids were up next. I looked around and the venue was getting more and more packed. Shelter just finished playing the other room and TGUK set foot on stage.

The band didn’t waste time playing some bangers to the crowd. Everyone, including me, lost their shit as the band opened up with “Action & Action” and followed it up with the single to their latest EP, Better This Way, and then brought it back with “Shorty.” Literally a rollercoaster of feels and sing-alongs.

The Get Up Kids is one of those bands, even with age, that still knows how to make a crowd go absolutely nutters. I mean sure, there are some dad jokes here and there but like what I said, I love this band too much to even care. Also shout out to the most persuasive heckler “Red Letter Dave.”

All in all, it was a perfect show, with a perfect setlist and a perfect crowd (well minus the dude who was getting aggro during “Campfire Kansas,” what a dork!)

And as always, THANK YOU THE GET UP KIDS for being a band!


“But if you wanna disappear it would be wrong to say
I guess some things are better this way”

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