Photos by Kyle Bergfors

Due to traffic I was not able to catch the other opening bands but the first I saw was I Made You Myself. IMYM is a throwback band utilizing a more earlier 2000’s era metal-core/post-hardcore sound. I personally believe they are one of the most unique and musically diverse bands from the Chicago land area in general and are only getting better with their most recent release, Graveyard Songs: A New Beginning. If you are a fan of old-school Underoath, The Chariot, Defeater, and Touche Amore then you need to check out I Made You Myself as soon as possible.

The tour package followed, being kicked off by Canadian pop-punk band Coldfront, who are quickly gaining steam from their most recent full-length release Float Around. While Coldfront’s Facebook about section states that they are just “another fucking pop-punk band” this is anything but false. Coldfront put out an amazing EP titled Is This Where They Found You back in 2016 and are only continuing to put out banging tunes with their debut full length. With an amazing live performance and stage presence, the future seems extremely bright for Coldfront. If you are a fan of Homesafe, Belmont, Sleep On It, or Life Lessons then this is the band for you!

Following Coldfront was Ghost Key who also just released a new full length back in February, titled If I Don’t Make It. I was personally very excited to finally see Ghost Key, even though they are from Peoria, Illinois, but every time they play around here I’m not able to go for whatever reason. Ghost Key delivers a passionate, punishing, and precise take on melodic hardcore and are only evolving more and more with each release, especially in If I Don’t Make It. The album still sticks to Ghost Key’s signature sound but shows their musicianship abilities by changing things up mainly in the form of more guitar driven songs and melody style heavier vocals. With this, Ghost Key throw in much more heavier breakdowns and riffs throughout the new full length then they ever have before hence only displaying their diverse take on how melodic hardcore should sound. Ghost Key delivers an intense, emotional, and heartfelt style of melodic hardcore, both live and on recordings, that leaves listeners both wanting more and walking away with vital messages on life, love, and hope. Therefore, if Ghost Key comes to a city near you be sure to check them out and not wait as long I did!

I Made You Myself


Ghost Key


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