Words + Photos By: Amber James 

Great American Ghost have been a band that have been on my radar for a while now, both musically and as a band that I wanted to photograph. I’ve heard stories about how heavy of a band they are, plus the fact that their live show is three steps short of insanity. So, when the opportunity to shoot them and knock them off my bucket list arrived, I knew I had to take it. 

Needless to say, I was not disappointed in the slightest. By the time their set had ended, I felt like I had done an entire cardio workout with how much I had found myself criss-crossing the photo pit to capture the antics of vocalist Ethan Harrison, as he bounded and bounced across the stage (and, in some cases, people).

The rest of the band matched his energy the entire time between guitarist Niko Gasparrini and his massive headbangs with a mane of hair to be envious of, bassist Joey Perron delivering some delicious spin kicks and drummer Davier Perez rounding it out with some of the nicest intensity I’ve seen from a drummer since Alex Lopez of Suicide Silence. 

With their most recent album, Power Through Terror, being released only a week before they were ripping through songs old and new. With the tour they were on with Born a New, Distinguisher, and Bodysnatcher having come to a close, make sure you catch them next time they come through your area! Power Through Terror is now available to be streamed everywhere and make sure you snag a physical copy from your local record shop! 

Great American Ghost


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