Words & Photos by Amber James

A few weeks ago it felt like I got thrown into a time machine and transported back to a different era of music. Originally set to be opening for Halestorm, who had postponed their date due to illness, Greta Van Fleet instead got the opportunity to command the Main Street Armory in Rochester, NY, as their own along with tour mates, New Years Day. Due partially to the diverse bill, and also potentially due to the sheer interest that this young band has created for themselves, there was a wide range of show goers eager to see what this band had to offer. Everybody present had some love of rock music in general but their expectations and feelings about Greta Van Fleet were varied. This ranged from a simple level of curiosity having heard their songs on the radio to thinking they were going to be the next big thing in rock music. One thing was for certain however: everyone was amazed at how young this group of boys were and what they had already accomplished.

With their set kicking off, it seems as though all the hype placed on Greta Van Fleet is well deserved. One of their opening tracks, “Talk On The Streets,” properly displayed the vocal prowess of Josh Kiszka as well the mind-blowing talent of guitarist, Jake Kiszka. Because if the sheer amount of talent this band has didn’t surprise you already, the fact that three out of the four in the band are brothers just might. Due to Halestorm’s absence, the band got the opportunity to lengthen their set to around an hour which gave them the chance to play a good chunk of their catalog of songs for everyone present. This included such fan favorites as what seemed to be their most well known tune, coincidentally named “Highway Tune,” as well as “Lover, Leaver, Taker, Believer.” My personal favorite that I caught before I ran out to stow my camera gear in my car before coming back in was “Edge of Darkness,” mainly because I’m a sucker for a great guitar solo and Jake’s solo was enough to make me stop what I was doing and give 100% attention. If the stars continue aligning for them, what everyone seems to be saying about them could just come true, that they are bound to be this generation’s Led Zeppelin.



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