Words by Sean Gonzalez | Photos by Jacki Vitetta

Denver, Colorado was in for a night full of adrenaline and rage thanks to the Harm’s Way tour busting through on March 15th. Larimer Lounge is a pretty tight packed venue with a stage and plenty of floor space, letting the crowd know right away it was going to be a intimate yet aggressive show. Before the show even began there was a clear mosh pit area outlined and Queensway took the stage and made it come alive. Within the first five seconds the crowd was running side to side. With tracks like “Violent Breed” and “Fuel For The Darkest Man” playing in their short set, their was never a dull moment in their cathartic opening performance.

Vein stepped on after and the tension in the room changed. Their was a swirling group of individuals moving for their entire set. Their music is laced with songs ruminating about the ideas of self destruction )and being the title of their EP). The frantic tracks like “Ideation: Self Destruct” and “A Crumpled Memo” sent shockwaves of brutal sound waves out, sounding as grim and gritty as the recordings. This is a must see band with their furious time changes transforming songs into implosions of frenetic, raw grace.

The legendary Ringworm took the torch on the stage next. The band has been around since 1988 and have plenty of material to be proud of, and their stage presence shows that without ever needing to slow down. They opened with the slamming tracks “The Sickness” and “Amputee.” The set felt like a best of the band’s lengthy catalogue, even throwing songs off Snake Church (their most recent release) into the mix; demonstrating their diverse depth. The band is preparing to release a new record soon and it is one that should be on the anticipated lists right now.

The bread and butter of the tour, Harm’s Way took the stage and ripped listener’s ears to shreds. In support of their newest release, Posthuman, the first couple of tracks played live were devoted to that incredible release (“The Gift” and “Human Carrying Capacity”). It was incredible watching this group maneuver through their grimy, sludgy and groovy tunes with an emphatic command of the stage. Every breakdown caused a seismic clash in the room, full of bodies moving and heads banging. The two tracks to end the set were the incredibly raging bounce of “Call My Name” and the destructively anthemic “Breeding Grounds.” Needless to say, this tour package was perfect for this venue and all four bands brought a crushing and unique identity to the tour.


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