Words & Photos By Kyle Bergfors

Since this tour was announced I was unsure on if I would able to attend due to it being so close to the end of the fall semester for me, but luckily my schedule opened up making me available to go and oh boy was I glad I made the time to attend. Each band brought their own unique and different sound to hardcore or heavy metal delivering a night of pure, non-stop adrenaline. In addition, Hatebreed would be performing their two most popular, and arguably best, records from front to back.
Starting the night off was Twitching Tongues. Before this year’s Life & Death tour, Twitching Tongues hadn’t touched the Chicago land area in a very long time therefore it felt as though it was their first time ever playing Chicago due to many people either not having seen them before or ever even heard of them before. I’ve always said that Twitching Tongue is a modern hardcore band that sees ‘80s metal. Twitching Tongues switches back and forth between old school metal vocals, more modern, heavier vocal style while delivering heavy, mosh worthy breakdowns and riffs that can get anyone in the room moving. Twitching Tongues is a band that you need to be paying attention too.

Twitching Tongues

Following Twitching Tongues was Code Orange and if you don’t know that name by now you need to come out from under the rock you’re currently living under. Code Orange has absolutely blown up recently after signing to Roadrunner Records and releasing “Forever” where they are playing sold out arenas, opening up for Anthrax and Killswitch Engage, and now being nominated for a Grammy. Code Orange is an experience above all else delivering an intense, violent, and high-octane live performance that challenges artists that have been playing music for years. While a true Code Orange experience is better had at a small, non-barricade club compared to a large, barricade venue this did not stop Code Orange from performing differently or encouraging the crowd to move as much as possible.

Code Orange

The co-headliner of the night came from Dying Fetus, who is arguably one of the larger death-cre/death-metal bands out there. Combining death metal with hardcore creating the even heavier grindcore sub-genre, Dying Fetus has been a staple of death-metal, grind-core, and heavy metal since they formed in 1995. Having been around for such a length of time, Dying Fetus are veterans out there still continually releasing heavy tracks and touring regularly for their fans where many bands who have been around for this length of time may not tour as much.

Dying Fetus

After Dying Fetus came the main reason why everyone was there, Hatebreed. Hatebreed is one of the most well-known and liked hardcore bands since the ‘90s due to their “back to basics” style, heavy metallic guitars, and screaming vocals while putting forth positive, encouraging, and unifying lyrics making Hatebreed an all around perfect hardcore band. Yet this still was not the main reason why, date after date, this specific tour has been selling out. For, in addition, this is the 20th anniversary of Satisfaction is the Death of Desire and the 15th anniversary of Perseverance. These two records are Hatebreed’s most popular and, many believe, their best records. Due to this, the “original” fans, the people who where young when these records came out, and the new generation of fans, fans who weren’t around or where too young, flocked to these shows to see Hatebreed perform their most iconic songs in their catalog. I was literally born the same year Satisfaction is the Death of Desire came out and was five when Perseverance was released so I fall into the younger fan’s section, but that did not stop me from being immensely excited. If anything, these large age gaps of fans shows how Hatebreed has had and will continue to have a long-lasting and powerful impact on fans and new comers to hardcore and metal, while still performing and touring even after being a band for so many years. Often times we see bands start to tour less and less as time goes on yet Hatebreed still continues to tour and play as many shows or festivals as possible. Therefore, if you the opportunity to catch this tour I highly encourage it because there will not be another one like it any time soon or possibly ever again.



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